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We believe that to deliver the best Camp Solelim experience possible, it is important that everyone who is eligible be vaccinated.


Subject to Solelim’s legal duty to accommodate, campers, staff and visitors are required to be fully vaccinated before camp. For the purpose of this Policy, fully vaccinated means that an individual has received the Government of Canada’s recommended dose(s) of an Approved Vaccine in accordance with public health guidelines, and 14 days have passed since receipt of all required doses. 


Solelim will only collect, use and disclose information regarding an individual’s vaccination status in accordance with this Policy, and all applicable privacy laws. This information will only be used to the extent necessary for implementation of this Policy. 

Families who choose to withdraw from camp due to this policy will receive a refund of fees paid to date (less the $150 registration fee) provided they notify the office in writing on or before February 21, 2022. After February 21, 2022, our regular cancellation fees, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions, will apply. 


This Policy will be reviewed on a regular and ongoing basis. It is subject to revision based on changing circumstances, including updated federal, provincial and local public health guidance relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. 




Admission of new applicants will be granted on a first come first served basis. Enrolment of all applicants is subject to space availability. Applicants who are not enrolled will be placed on a waiting list.​ Camp Solelim reserves in its sole discretion, the right to depart from the acceptance procedures listed above to serve the best interests of the camp. Completion of the initial application does not guarantee acceptance into camp. Parents/Guardians must pay their deposit and complete all required forms in order to be eligible for enrolment. Families will be sent an email confirming their enrolment within 5 business days of completing the full registration process (includes deposit and all required forms). Campers are admitted into camp on a first come first served basis, based on completed registrations only.

Financial Terms

This application is to be accompanied by a $500 deposit. This deposit includes a non-refundable $150 registration fee. If the camper withdraws or their application is cancelled for any reason, the following policies will apply:

  • Withdrawal/cancellation before Jan.1: Deposit will be refunded less $150 registration fee

  • Withdrawal/cancellation between Jan. 1 and Feb. 28: $500 will be forfeited

  • Withdrawal/cancellation between Mar. 1 and May 31: $1500 will be forfeited

  • Withdrawal/cancellation after Jun. 1: full fee will be forfeited

Camp fees shall be paid as follows:

  • $500.00 deposit with application;

  • $1500 by January 15th;

  • Balance by April 1st.


Monthly and customized payment instalments can be arranged. Scholarship applications are due in December, with scholarships awarded in January. No camper will be permitted to attend camp unless all camp fees have been paid in full by June 15th.

Camp Solelim is a non-profit organization whose costs for food, staff and program are fixed; we cannot issue refunds for an incomplete session for any reason.



Camp Solelim reserves the right to amend, alter or cancel any scheduled session that a camper is enrolled in accordance with public health protocols and/or restrictions. 


If camp is cancelled before July 3rd, 2022, families will receive a full refund less the $150 registration fee included in the initial deposit. Families will also have the option of rolling over fees to 2023 or making a tax receiptable donation.


If Public Health requires a camper to leave camp early due to a positive COVID-19 test or an exposure to COVID-19, or if camp is forced to close on or after July 3, 2022, the family will be refunded as follows:


The family will be provided a pro-rata refund, based on the number of full unused days remaining in the camp season ( or the number of days that the camper is not allowed in camp in the event the camper leaves because of COVID and is able to return to camp before the end of the camp season), less a fee of $1,300 to cover a portion of the fixed costs of opening and closing camp.

Personal Information

Under the Privacy Act, your personal information, including health information relating to your child, is protected. Camp Solelim complies with this legislation and understands the importance of protecting this information. Camp Solelim collects, uses and discloses your personal information strictly for the following purposes:

  • to register and collect payment for your child to attend our camp program

  • to contact you with respect to registration information; to enable you to contact us and discuss your child’s supervision and medical care

  • to assess your child’s health needs

  • to identify, deliver and ensure continuous high-quality supervision and medical care of your child

  • to communicate (before or during our camping season) with health care professionals who may be treating your child

  • to set up and maintain confidential records on your child with respect to registration and medical information

  • to comply with the law

Camp Solelim provides camper lists, which include the name, address and telephone numbers of campers, to its associate camp, Camp Biluim, for the purpose of providing your child with the opportunity of continuing in the ongoing camp program. Camp Solelim also provides its campers with the names, addresses, telephone numbers and emails of other campers should they wish to communicate once the camp season has ended. Occasionally, we will share lists with information of registered campers with prospective and new campers in order to begin developing supportive camp relationships. Your personal information is managed and accessed by our Camp Director, medical team and office staff.


The parent(s) or guardian(s) submitting this registration are those having legal custody of the child. Conditions of custody, if applicable, must be fully communicated in writing to Camp Solelim, including, if applicable, a copy of the section of any court order referring to visitation rights.

Full Disclosure

The parent/guardian certifies that his/her child is healthy and socially and psychologically ready for a resident summer camp experience. Parents must fully complete and return the parent questionnaire and health form requested by the camp, including obtaining any additional physician's/therapist documentation and/or signatures. If the camper must leave camp as a result of any medical or psychological issue which was not disclosed on the camp's medical forms, or as outlined in writing if the issue surfaced over the period of time that camp received the medical form and camp began, none of the camp fee will be refunded. All additional transportation costs incurred as a result, are the responsibility of the parents/guardians.


Camp Solelim reserves the right to make and amend its decisions related to health and safety matters as it sees fit and at any time. This could include, but is not limited to, matters related to vaccination, testing, the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, and/or requesting additional medical/health information. Solelim also may need to implement changes to health, safety and behaviour standards prior to camp or while at camp.

Each camper must be covered by provincial health insurance or equivalent medical insurance. In the event that a camper requires special medication, x-ray or treatment (including dental work) beyond that which is available at Camp, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be notified promptly and will be charged any additional expenses related to treatment and/or medication. In case of an emergency, every effort will be made to contact the parents/guardians. If this is not possible, or the parents/guardians cannot be reached, parents/guardians grant permission to the camp selected physician to hospitalize, to secure proper treatment and/or to order injection, anaesthesia and/or surgery for the child.


Camp Solelim reserves the right to dismiss any camper, without refund, who willfully disregards camp rules, or who endangers campers’ and others’ safety, or who otherwise fails to meet the character requirements of camp as set out in the Camp Solelim Code of Conduct. All additional transportation costs incurred as a result of dismissal from camp are the responsibility of the parents/guardians.

Camper Property

Camp accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any camper property incurred during the session or while in transit.

Photo/Video Consent

Parents agree that Camp Solelim may use any photograph, video, image, likeness, utterance or statement in which the participant may appear to be involved, in whole or part, in any media, including the internet, for promotional or other purposes, without approval by or compensation to the participant or parent.


The family agrees to adhere to the Camp Solelim policies regarding the sending of food items, packages and electronics as set out in the Parent Handbook. By signing this form, the parent/guardian will ensure that the camper’s cell phone and/or other communication device will not accompany the camper to camp (exceptions will be made for campers who must travel by airplane to, from and/or during camp). If found, these devices will be confiscated for the duration of the camp session (including Visitors’ Day).


Parents/guardians give the camp permission to take the camper from the campsite for camp programs (canoe trips, Rookie/Post Week activities, inter-camp competitions, etc.) and/or medical treatment.



We believe in unplugging from technology so that we can plug into the environment, activities, and relationships that make Camp Solelim the special place that it is. That is why we insist that our campers leave most of their devices at home. Parents' understanding and support of this policy helps us ensure that our campers get the most out of their Solelim experience.  

If campers bring devices with them to camp that are not allowed, we will take them away for the duration of the summer. 


  • Screen-less music players. Here are some examples of allowable devices that can be purchased online: sample 1 or sample 2

  • For instructions on how to convert apple music files to these kinds of devices, please refer to this article.

  • Small, lightweight digital cameras

In order to ensure campers get the most out of their camp experience, personal music devices may only be used inside tents during free time. 


  • Smartphones, cell phones and/or any device capable of connecting to wifi or a cellular network

  • Personal music devices that have a screen (including iPod Touch and Nano)

  • E-readers 

  • Laptop computers, tablets, iPads

  • Sony PSP, Nintendo products or any video gaming systems

  • Any device capable of playing games, watching movies/TV shows/videos, uploading or downloading data, connecting to the internet and/or being used as a telephone



Providing a fun, unforgettable summer experience begins with creating an environment that ensures campers' emotional and physical security. We entrust all our campers with the responsibility of treating each other, staff, visitors and our environment with respect.


The following excerpt from our Camper Code of Conduct outlines what we expect from campers in order to make camp safe for everyone:

  1. Campers will not use or be in possession of alcohol, tobacco products, drugs (other than drugs prescribed before or during camp and which are under the supervision of camp's medical team), or drug-related paraphernalia, including but not limited to rolling papers, vaporizers and pipes.

  2. Campers will respect all areas of the Camp that are considered off limits and will not leave the campgrounds unless it is part of the program and under staff supervision.

  3. Campers will not engage in any act of harassment or abuse including physical, emotional, psychological, verbal or sexual harassment or abuse, obscene conduct, violence, immoral behaviour, sexually inappropriate behaviour, bullying, etc.

  4. Campers understand that all aspects of camp's programming are mandatory and agree to be positive and active participants in all of camp programs.

  5. Campers will not vandalize, steal or abuse/destroy any property belonging to camp, a camper, a camp staff member or any other person.

  6. Campers will not use or be in possession of cellular telephones, pagers, devices capable of uploading, downloading or streaming data, devices capable of watching movies, television shows or music videos, or other communication devices.

  7. Campers will not light matches, lighters, burn mosquito coils and/or operate a hot pot, heater, or kettle unless a staff member has given permission to do so.

  8. Campers will not pierce or tattoo any part of their body during the summer.

  9. Campers will refrain from any behaviour that Camp staff deem to be unacceptable and/or detrimental to camp.

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