We believe in unplugging from technology so that we can plug into the environment, activities, and relationships that make Camp Solelim the special place that it is. That is why we insist that our campers leave most of their devices at home. Parents' understanding and support of this policy helps us ensure that our campers get the most out of their Solelim experience.  

If campers bring devices with them to camp that are not allowed, we will take them away for the duration of the summer. 

  • Screen-less music players. Here are some examples of allowable devices that can be purchased online: sample 1 or sample 2

  • For instructions on how to convert apple music files to these kinds of devices, please refer to this article.

  • Small, lightweight digital cameras

In order to ensure campers get the most out of their camp experience, personal music devices may only be used inside tents during free time. 

  • Smartphones, cell phones and/or any device capable of connecting to wifi or a cellular network

  • Personal music devices that have a screen (including iPod Touch and Nano)

  • E-readers 

  • Laptop computers, tablets, iPads

  • Sony PSP, Nintendo products or any video gaming systems

  • Any device capable of playing games, watching movies/TV shows/videos, uploading or downloading data, connecting to the internet and/or being used as a telephone




Providing a fun, unforgettable summer experience begins with creating an environment that ensures campers' emotional and physical security. We entrust all our campers with the responsibility of treating each other, staff, visitors and our environment with respect.


The following excerpt from our Camper Code of Conduct outlines what we expect from campers in order to make camp safe for everyone:

  1. Campers will not use or be in possession of alcohol, tobacco products, drugs (other than drugs prescribed before or during camp and which are under the supervision of camp's medical team), or drug-related paraphernalia, including but not limited to rolling papers, vaporizers and pipes.

  2. Campers will respect all areas of the Camp that are considered off limits and will not leave the campgrounds unless it is part of the program and under staff supervision.

  3. Campers will not engage in any act of harassment or abuse including physical, emotional, psychological, verbal or sexual harassment or abuse, obscene conduct, violence, immoral behaviour, sexually inappropriate behaviour, bullying, etc.

  4. Campers understand that all aspects of camp's programming are mandatory and agree to be positive and active participants in all of camp programs.

  5. Campers will not vandalize, steal or abuse/destroy any property belonging to camp, a camper, a camp staff member or any other person.

  6. Campers will not use or be in possession of cellular telephones, pagers, devices capable of uploading, downloading or streaming data, devices capable of watching movies, television shows or music videos, or other communication devices.

  7. Campers will not light matches, lighters, burn mosquito coils and/or operate a hot pot, heater, or kettle unless a staff member has given permission to do so.

  8. Campers will not pierce or tattoo any part of their body during the summer.

  9. Campers will refrain from any behaviour that Camp staff deem to be unacceptable and/or detrimental to camp.



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what campers

have to say:

“Solelim is a place where I work as a team with others, learn and grow, feel at home, and can be my very best self. I have learned to collaborate and care about the world, and have become a better person."


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