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At Solelim, health and safety is our highest priority. All camp health professionals are fully informed about health issues prior to camp and they communicate with campers’ families during the summer should there be a need.



In order to create as safe an environment as possible and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in camp, we will be making adjustments to camp procedures and policies in a variety of areas. For our current protocols, please see the plan outlined on this page and our FAQs. Many of the details of these measures/protocol are dependant on the guidelines we are waiting to receive from the Ministry of Health and Public Health. We may change any or all of these procedures at any time as we continue to review the latest data and guidance from public health officials.

All modified camp rules and procedures will be reviewed with campers during the first day of camp, including hand washing and sanitizing procedures, ground rules for cohort quarantines, when masks will be required, etc. We will also hold Zoom chats before the summer to go over all of these rules and procedures, as well as answer any questions from our campers or families at that time.


At Solelim, health and safety is our highest priority. All camp health professionals are fully informed about health issues prior to camp and they communicate with campers’ families during the summer should there be a need.

Our fully equipped Health Centre is staffed by a nurse seven days a week. Our nurse administers prescription and non-prescription medications, runs daily clinics, cares for sick/injured campers and monitors health trends.

We partner with a Northwood Medical Clinics to provide telemedicine services to campers and staff
at camp. Campers and staff will be able meet with a doctor virtually from the Health Centre. Should in-person care care be required, a Solelim staff member will transport the camper to the clinic in a camp vehicle.

Camp Solelim retains the services of a social worker who specializes in working with adolescents. Our social worker schedules weekly check-ins with our Camper Care Team and Director and is available for consultation as needed.

Camp Solelim has 911 services available and a local hospital within a twenty minute drive from camp. In the unlikely event of an emergency, campers are taken to the Emergency Department at Health Sciences North in Sudbury.

If campers/staff need to leave camp for medical treatment, all public health protocols such as masking and social distancing will be followed while they are outside of camp.

Solelim’s automatic external defibrillator (AED) is located in the Health Centre which is easily accessible from all areas in camp. The AED is serviced before camp and staff receive training on how to use it each year.


We work hard to make sure our campers are safe and happy all summer long, but should an unexpected illness or accident occur, our Health Centre will contact the camper's family.


Parents/Guardians can expect to receive a call if:

  • A camper is prescribed oral antibiotics or other medications

  • A camper requires an unscheduled visit to a physician, hospital or dentist

  • An unusually long illness or an overnight stay in our Health Centre

  • Prolonged homesickness or difficulty adjusting

We do not contact families for issues such as:

  • Dispensing over the counter medications, topical creams or lotions

  • Minor cuts and scrapes

  • Colds and short term illnesses that do not require prescription medication

  • Homesickness that lasts for a short period of time


All daily prescriptions must be packaged in blister packs where the dosing period includes all medications to be taken at that time. The label on each blister pack must include your camper’s name, prescribed medication(s) and time(s) of day the medication should be given. The information on the blister pack label should match the information included on your Health Form in CampMinder - we will always differ to the instructions on the blister pack should there be any conflicting information.

We have partnered with Postscriptions to provide blister packaging at no additional cost to our Camp Solelim families. Postscriptions will prepare your camper’s daily medication and deliver it directly to camp. We highly recommended using this service to ensure your camper’s medication is packaged and delivered safe and efficiently. If you are interested in using this service, please contact Postscriptions at: (416) 398-4884 or

Any medication not sent up in advance using Postscriptions must be given to the staff at the buses on the day of departure. If a camper arrives with daily medication that has not been packaged in a blister pack, we will take it to our local pharmacy and bill you for this service.

Campers who need asthma inhalers and/or Epipens should bring one on the bus to camp and send another to camp in advance (using Postscriptions) or with the staff at the buses.




Our Health Centre is stocked with generic over the counter medications for treating common ailments such as fevers, colds, headaches, tummy troubles, nasal and sinus congestion, allergies and allergic reactions, skin irritations and rashes, sore throats and coughs, menstrual pain, sunburns and insect bites, and general aches and pains.

Personal over the counter medications should only be sent to camp if your camper requires a specific brand of medication or if they require it on a daily basis. Any over the counter medications brought to camp will be kept in the Health Centre.


All Solelim campers will be educated about sun and heat safety at the beginning of the summer – we don’t want sunburns or dehydration to cause anyone to miss out on all the fun camp has to offer. Please review the following expectations with your camper before camp:


Campers are expected to wear hats during all outdoor activities. Since hats are often easily misplaced, we recommend packing at least three to ensure your camper always has one on hand.


Campers apply sunscreen after breakfast and again during rest hour before afternoon activities. Sunscreen  should be sweat proof, waterproof and offer a minimum protection of 

SPF 30.


Campers are expected to carry a water bottle with them and to drink water throughout the day. We have water stations set up around camp so there is always water available. Bottled water is not allowed at camp.


We recommend that campers wear long layers after dusk as well as insect repellents containing up to 30% DEET (registered for use in Canada). All our tents are equipped with insect netting at all entrances and windows. As required, mosquito coils will be lit by staff at night.


Please make sure that we are aware of any serious allergies your camper may have whether it is an allergy to food, insects, medication or anything else. Solelim has EpiPens stationed in several places at camp, including the dining hall, waterfront, Health Centre and office; however, we also request that campers who carry EpiPens bring theirs with them to camp as well. All campers with anaphylactic allergies must wear a medic alert bracelet while they are at camp.

Due to the remote location of our canoe trips, and the distance from emergency medical facilities, we feel we are unable to guarantee a safe environment for campers with anaphylactic allergies. As such, campers with life threatening allergies are not eligible to participate in our tripping program.

Solelim is a nut aware camp. 

The food and snacks prepared at camp do not contain nuts in the ingredients. We do not use ingredients labelled “may contain nuts.” Our tuck shop does not contain any products with nuts or that "may contain nuts."

We understand that some campers may have dietary restrictions or requirements due to medical issues. While the elimination of certain foods from camp may not be realistic, we will try our best to make accommodations for campers who need a special diet. Please contact the Solelim office to discuss how we can work together towards meeting your camper’s needs.

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