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Dear Campers,

We know you have lots of questions about how COVID-19 will affect your camp experience. We hope that this page  which we will keep updating as we learn more  will help answer some of those questions. 

  • How quickly do we need to register?
    We recommend completing your registration by October 4th. We are expecting high retention from last year and have a large cohort of Seniors who graduated from Camp Shalom. By registering within the first few days, you have the best opportunity to get a spot this summer.
  • When will we receive confirmation of our camper's enrolment?
    Enrolment confirmation will be emailed within 5 to 7 business days after all your registration components have been completed. Registration is considered complete only once your application, deposit, and all forms have been received. Please note that the office is closed for Jewish holidays and this affects when enrolment confirmations are sent.
  • Is there priority registration?
    Campers who were Rookies at Solelim or Seniors at Camp Shalom in 2023 who have completed all registration components (application, deposit, and forms) before October 5th will be given priority in the first wave of enrolment confirmations going out. Returning campers and Shalom graduates will only be given priority in the first wave of enrolment. Subsequent enrolment confirmations will be determined by the date and time of completed registration (i.e. when all components – application, deposit, and forms – are received).
  • When does registration open for campers who did not attend Solelim or Shalom in 2023?
    Registration opens for all campers at noon on Monday, October 2nd, including for campers who were not at Solelim or Camp Shalom last summer. Once placement has been given to all 2023 Rookies and graduated Shalom Seniors with completed registrations before October 5th, we will start enrolling this group of campers based on date and time of their completed registration (i.e. when all components – application, deposit, and forms – are received).
  • Why do Rookies leave for camp later than the Posts?
    Posts come to camp two days before the Rookies. During this time, we run special programming to prepare them to mentor and welcome our Rookies to Solelim.
  • Why does camp end later than usual this year?
    If you have had a camper at Solelim before, you'll notice that camp is finishing on a Thursday rather than a Tuesday this summer. This is because Tuesday is Tisha Ba'av, a day of mourning in the Jewish calendar. Jewish holidays begin the evening before, and therefore, this would make the last night of camp programming very restrictive and difficult. Therefore, our camp board has voted to extend camp until Thursday, August 15th to enable campers to experience camp to its fullest and to maximize their time at camp.
  • Do you offer shorter sessions?
    We build a lot of intentionality into Solelim's six week program. What makes us unique is our intense focus on building community and fostering teen growth. Having campers coming and going for different sessions takes away from our ability to achieve both these things. If your camper is apprehensive about being away for six weeks, they are not alone! Many campers are intimidated by the length of camp at first. With the help of our caring staff, campers quickly feel at home and fall in love with camp programming. Six weeks fly by: before they know it, they are hugging their friends on the last Shabbat and crying because they have to leave! Sometimes, campers have important commitments or family events and need to leave camp early. Please be in touch with our office to discuss your circumstances and we will do our best to accommodate. For the benefit of the camp community, registration will be prioritized for campers who are able to spend the full six weeks at camp.
  • I want to apply, but I cannot afford the deposit.
    Please get in touch with the office for assistance.
  • Will you have an in person Visitors' Day this summer?
    Yes! We are looking forward to welcoming families to camp for Visitors' Day on Sunday, July 21st.
  • Can we schedule a meeting to learn more about Solelim?
    Yes! Please email Shauna, our Director, to set up a time that works best for you. In the meantime, our virtual tour and videos are all great resources showcasing camp life, activities, and spirit.

Updated April 23, 2021

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