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Solelim is unique because everything about camp – our staff, our programming, our facilities and even our food – is  tailored towards our teen campers.  At camp, we focus on developing:



Solelim strives to cultivate a culture of inclusivity, to celebrate individuality and to encourage each other. We want campers to understand the power of their actions and what it means to be part of something that is bigger than themselves.



Solelim empowers campers to have ownership over their own experience. We give them a lot of choice, and we also challenge them to venture beyond their comfort zones. In doing so, we increase campers' confidence, independence and self-reliance. 



Solelim is designed to help teens develop meaningful relationships that shape their identity. We want campers to connect with nature, with their Jewish identity and with Israel, with the staff and, of course, with each other!


When I am at camp, I am not only thinking about going swimming and making friendship bracelets: at Camp Solelim, it goes far deeper. I am thinking about what I can do to make camp, and the world, an even better place. 

—  Riley

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