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We work hard to ensure  every detail is in place  so that each camper has the time of their life... every single summer.  

This summer, in the midst of a global pandemic, there are more details than ever! 


As we count down to Summer 2021, we’re hard at work planning for our best season yet which, of course, will look different from any other summer we’ve experienced. Don’t worry: all the important stuff – like being a place where teens discover their best selves – will be just the same as always! 

There is still a lot of information we are waiting for, including approval from the government to operate this summer and guidelines from Public Health which we will have to follow. That said, we know you have questions about how COVID-19 will affect the Solelim experience and we hope this page and this FAQ page designed for our campers, will give an idea of what to expect. We will continue to update these pages as we receive more information. 

This is how we are planning on keeping the Solelim community safe and healthy this summer:


We have been speaking with Sudbury Public Health, the Ontario Camps Association, camps who ran last summer and the doctors on our own Pandemic Planning Committee to determine whether we can operate camp in a healthy way. As much as we have wanted fast answers, we have prioritized getting to the right answers. We will continue to gather the best information and adjust to the evolving situation in preparation for Summer 2021.

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As always, we are committed to running camp only if we can do so responsibly and safely. To determine the right approach, we are listening closely to healthcare experts on our Pandemic Planning Committee and in the community, as well as the relevant authorities to ensure we have the most accurate and current information. 

Just like our wonderful camp staff, we pride ourselves on flexibility. We are diligently planning for different scenarios that next summer might bring, and will adjust accordingly as experts provide guidelines to operate camp in a healthy manner.



Every summer, we assemble an experienced, top-notch healthcare team. This year, we've hired a nurse to live on site 24.7. We've also partnered with Northwood Medical Clinics in Sudbury to provide virtual doctor consultations as needed. All our healthcare staff will be thoroughly trained on COVID-19 medical procedures and equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment.

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We want to do everything we can to reduce the chances of COVID-19 entering camp. Campers and staff will be ask to stay at home for a period of time before they come up to camp. The length of the stay-at-home period will be based on recommendations from Public Health. International campers will follow the Canadian Government’s screening, quarantining and testing guidelines. 


Campers and staff will be tested before camp and will complete a health screening before boarding the buses.



Camp will operate as a "bubble" this year, which means that we will be limiting entrance and exit from camp to essential businesses and trips only.

Maintaining a bubble means that we most likely will not be able to host Visitors' Day on site this summer.  Day trips and other programs that typically happened offsite will be reimagined on camp grounds. 

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At the start of camp, campers will be organized into cohorts. The size of cohorts will be determined by Public Health guidelines. Cohorts will be together for all meals and activities in order to limit potential transmission of COVID-19. Our schedule will have to be more structured during this initial period, but campers will still be able to choose activities based on their interests. 

Over time, if Public Health permits it and if our bubble remains secure, we hope to expand the size of our cohorts to include more campers. 



This summer, we'll be moving as much programming outdoors as possible. When in their own tent or doing activities outside with their cohorts, campers will not need to wear a mask or socially distance. 


Campers in different cohorts will still be able to hang out, as long as they maintain six feet of distance between them. Campers will need to wear a mask when social distancing isn't possible and when using shared indoor spaces.

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Personal hygiene has always been an important part of camp. Camper and staff hand washing/sanitizing will be a point of special emphasis this year.

We have raised our sanitation standards to match and exceed recommendations from health care professionals. While our campers take pride in helping with the daily upkeep of camp, we will also be bringing in outside cleaners to clean and disinfect high traffic areas of camp. Shared surfaces, indoor facilities and equipment will be cleaned more frequently than in previous summers. 



Camp Solelim is always prepared to react swiftly if the need arises. We are experienced in preserving the health of our community, having effectively operated during the H1N1 outbreak in 2009, and the Norovirus in the early 2000’s. We are establishing protocols to respond to the rapid changing nature of the pandemic.

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As always, we do our best to communicate with families in a thorough, accurate, and transparent manner. We recognize the importance of sharing the best information available as quickly as possible. This coming summer, we aspire to be better than ever; thoughtful, detailed communication is so important to keeping our community well-informed and highly-prepared.


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