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We believe in unplugging from technology so that we can plug into the environment, activities, and relationships that make Camp Solelim the special place that it is. That is why we insist that our campers leave most of their devices at home. Your understanding and support of this policy helps us ensure that our campers get the most out of their Solelim experience.  

If campers bring devices with them to camp that are not allowed, we will take them away for the duration of the summer. 


  • Personal music players like sample 1,  sample 2, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle (Apple products not on this list will not be allowed).

  • Kobo Touch, Sony Reader, Nook Simple Touch, Amazon Kindle (eReaders not on this list will not be allowed)

  • Small, lightweight digital cameras

In order to ensure campers get the most out of their camp experience, personal music devices may only be used inside tents during free time. 


  • Smartphones, cell phones and/or any device capable of connecting to a cellular network

  • Kindle Fire, any Kobo other than the Touch

  • Laptops, tablets, iPads, iPod Touch, Apple/Smart Watches

  • Sony PSP, Nintendo products or any video gaming systems

  • Any music devices or eReaders not specified on the "Bring to Camp List"

  • Any device capable of playing video games, watching movies/TV shows, uploading or downloading data, connecting to the internet or being used as a telephone

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