At Solelim, we don’t “teach” Israel: we experience it with all our senses. The sounds of Israeli top 40 echoing through the campsite. The colourful building signs in Hebrew and in English. The smell of zatar sprinkled on top of pita roasted over an open campfire. The rush of winning your first TAKI card game. Israel is our beloved Israeli staff and campers who connect us with contemporary music, film, dance, cuisine and culture. It is the everlasting friendships and the feeling of having family no matter which continent you live on.



Tel. 416-781-5156

788 Marlee Avenue, 2nd Floor 
Toronto, ON M6B 3K1



Tel. 705-522-1480

6490 Tilton Lake Road

Sudbury, ON P3G 1L5

what campers

have to say:

“Solelim is a place where I work as a team with others, learn and grow, feel at home, and can be my very best self. I have learned to collaborate and care about the world, and have become a better person."


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