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All campers will drop off their bags on July 1st at the Prosserman JCC located at 4588 Bathurst Street. To avoid congestion and long waits, families will be given a designated drop off window which will be communicated approximately two weeks before the drop-off date. Volunteers will be there to assist in transferring camper baggage from your vehicle to the truck.

Campers will be tested for COVID-19 at the baggage drop off. More details will be provided once Public Health guidance has been received. We ask that only one family member accompany their camper to bag drop off.


Posts and Rookies are departing on Sunday, July 4th from Carnegie Centennial Arena (580 Finch Avenue West in Toronto).  Campers will be travelling to camp on a school bus with the rest of their cohort. Approximately one week prior to camp, we will let you know what cohort your camper is in and when to arrive at the departure location. Departures will be scheduled and staggered throughout the morning and early afternoon.

Campers should bring a small backpack with them to the buses that contains two to three face masks, a nut free lunch, snacks, water and hand sanitizer. Campers will not have room to take any additional bags, trunks, shelves and/or other items with them on the bus: please send these items up on July 1st. Per the bus company’s policy, campers must wear a mask while on the bus.


All campers and their baggage will return from camp on Tuesday, August 17th. Campers will return to Toronto by school bus. You will receive an email one to two weeks before camp ends to let you know when to arrive to pick up your camper and their luggage.

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